Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Word of Thanks

We'd like to express our sincere thanks to those who have left comments as well as emailed us. It is encouraging to know that our intention of sharing valuable thoughts and reflections has been well received. Do feel free to share your thoughts too, so that we can have a meaningful learning experience

The following is my dad's experience, in his own words:

Hi all,

I became a disciple of His Divine Grace Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru in Johore Bahru in August 2006. My life has been blessed with many miracles ever since. My family has been richly blessed too. Let me recount my experience of His Divine Grace.
I have always been strong believers in astrology. On a trip to India, I consulted the Olai Suvadi readers at the Vaitheesvaran Temple in Tamil Nadu.

I found that everything that was read out to me was very accurate, including my childhood, marriage, kids, kids' life, etc. Being a very hardworking person, I wished not to agree when the leaf reader said that I shall only work until the age of around 58. I was 55 then. Retirement age in Singapore was 62.

I immediately resolved to work very hard to try and overcome that.

I am experienced in the aerospace industry as a planner and had worked for this company for more than 27 years. But soon after I got transferred to some department where I did not know and could not learn the work at all. I struggled there for one and a half years before I gave up and resigned. I was 58 then.

I tried without success to apply for other jobs. An aviation company with 3K starting pay selected me for a job but due to the fate I had to be hospitalised even before I started work!!Soon I resigned myself to fate. I realised that I was draining my savings.I took the Yogashakti course in August 2006 and immediately started using the methods taught to try and look for alternative sources of income.

Within a couple of months, I got some good news. My ex-employer was hiring for a posting to France.
I have always loved the idea of overseas postings, and have been stationed in Australia and Turkey before. So I jumped at the opportunity and applied for the post.

The HR personnel who had tried to bargain down my asking salary called me a few days later to inform me that my appointment and asking salary had both been approved by management!!! (Of course I had made it a point to use the methods every day)By the grace of His Divine Grace, 'the Fate became lenient' to me. I joined for work in January 2007 and I went over to France on 23.02.07, the day after His Divine Grace's Divine Birthday!!!Do you know how old I was then?I turned 60 in September 2007.Now I’m driving a BMW320 and my total earning is more than SGDxxK a month.
How can I ever thank His Divine Grace.

Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru Saranam

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