Thursday, November 27, 2008

How difficult is it, really?

I ask myself this question all the time, especially when given a “difficult” task. How difficult is it really? The answer I always derive after some thought – not very difficult indeed. It doesn’t fail to surprise me again and again.

You see, it has everything to do with the mindset. Positive versus negative. We hear about this all the time. Why do we become negative? I am not a psychologist, not even close, but I think it has everything to do with our experiences. Previous experience affects our perceptions. If it failed in the past, it will fail again – we tend to believe this.

I find the biggest challenge is to overcome this. It really is very difficult to turn negative mindset towards something to a positive one. When I try doing something that had failed in my previous attempts, I realise that I need a lot of courage, determination and willpower to try again. We are human beings after all, can’t be THAT perfect right?

Wait! My mind screams. Isn’t that an excuse?!! How lame!

So how do I make this process easier? The answer is obvious - negative removal and positive programming. It is easier said then done! It needs a lot of patience - the waiting for “it to happen like I want it to” can be soooo painful! The mind comes up with all sorts of things, and sometimes it can be difficult to be focused.

Is it really that difficult? I ask myself
My mind screams "yes!!!'
The next question that follows - Is it unachievable?
My mind says, almost refusing to admit, a faint... "no".
This makes me sit down to do it.
How do I deal with the "waiting-for-it-to-happen" part? I ask myself - what have I done to deserve this? What efforts have I put in to achieve it? Part of the effort is subconscious programming. This motivates me further to do my positive and negative more diligently.

Yogis do weird things like sleeping on nails, fasting etc to develop willpower. Perhaps this is my training in developing willpower (I somewhat struggled through the faith part).

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YUVA said...

Good to read your thoughts. I share the same sometimes. - Srini