Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reflection on Petition

Ask and you shall be given, is this really true? Does God give us everything we ask for? I have so many things on my list, sometimes I wonder - Why would God not answer all my petitions? But then again, won’t we become lazy and take everything for granted if God answered every petition we make? I could just stay in bed and request “Dear God, I need some food now, please grant me some food”. And food would drop from the sky. God will be our servant.

So let’s rephrase the question - Why would God not answer those reasonable petitions that we put forward? Well firstly, how do we know that it is a reasonable petition? And how do we know that what we've asked for is right for us? Beats me.

That aside, how do you know if God is granting your petition?

Say you are traveling in a foreign land, and you are not every sure of your route. You pray to God “Dear God, I want to reach place X and I believe route A will get me there. Please intervene and guide me to the place correctly.”

But God knows that there’s a massive jam at route A. Will God tell you that directly? I doubt it. So while traveling, you turn on the radio, and the DJ talks about the massive jam at Route A. And while driving, you see signposts on the road, showing you the alternative route to place X. All you have to do is to pick up the cues and use the alternative route, and you’ll reach your destination. But if you are going to be adamant, and insist since you prayed to God that your journey through route A will be smooth and that will be the only way you’ll go now - You are going to be stuck in the jam for hours. So what does this story illustrates? Sometimes things don’t just happen miraculously. Circumstances will be created and we might not even realize that God is actually answering our petition!

This reminds me of the Indian movie “BaBa” (hope I've spelt it correctly). I remember a scene in the movie where Rajini Kanth wants to have I think $10,000 rupees. He does a mantra, and then gets what he wants through a series of events. The money didn't drop from the sky. There was no magic. The whole event seemed like a coincidence that he saves a little girl's life and the parents reward him with the money. But he did get what he wanted in the end, of course with some effort like getting in middle of traffic and getting the girl out of danger (obviating stunts typical in his movies).

It's similar with Yogashakti. Firstly of all, we need to be clear on what exactly we want. Then we’ll have to figure out what would be the best technique to use.

Regular application of the technique results in us getting what we want, though most times, it doesn't drop from the sky or just appear from nowhere. God has a wonderful way of creating circumstances/opportunities for us, and with some effort from our part, we get exactly what we asked for.

Petitions do come true after all! That's the beauty of it.

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