Monday, December 10, 2007

Do we know what we want?

Have you ever thought about it - Do you know what you want? Maybe we don’t know what life has installed for us yet (I know I don’t, and kudos to those who have already got that figured), but do we know what we really really want? Say I have a genie in front of you to grant one wish, just ONE wish. What would you ask for? (Asking for your every wish to come true is not counted.) How many would ask for world peace? Or solution to environmental stresses?

The point is, most of us would ask for fulfilment of a need, or some personal achievement. That’s why some of us make resolutions year after year after year right? To a point that some of us give up doing that cos we’ve never been able to do all those things we had listed. I mean come to end of year, do we even remember what resolution we made for this year??

Some of us may know what we don’t want better than what we want. "I don’t want to be caught sneaking back to the office late today." "I don’t want to fight with my spouse tonight." "I don’t want to be late for my appointment." "I hope I don’t run into that horrible person today." "I hope I don’t miss the bus" – sounds familiar? No wonder we have so many stresses.

Now, when you are doing the subconscious programming given by His Divine Grace, have you ever paid attention to your thoughts? Are you putting in a positive thought or a negative thought? Compare the following 2 statements:

(a) I don’t want my kid to fail the exam
(b) I want my kid to pass the exam

Statement (b) sounds more positive than statement (a) right? So why not from now, pay more attention to your thoughts, and make them positive ones? It’s very difficult to have positive thoughts all the time, but why not start with the subconscious programming? I mean before you start with the method, be more conscious about what you are really asking (Is this what I really want?), and make it more positive (Can I phrase this any better?).

So now that we are approaching a brand new year, you might have started working on your brand new resolutions. Why not include this in your list – "I’ll do positive subconscious programming always". That’s my only resolution for the new year.

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morgan said...

I am an asthmatic patient for nearly 36years(since the age of 4yo!).I had the opportunity to become his divine grace's desciple on the 22nd May 2007 in Johore (93 rd payarchi).I became a chronic case of asthma from 2000-2007, i get admitted at least 6 times in a year.i was very sad and scared that i might die early , leaving my wife a widow and my 2 daughters (5 yo & 2 yo)fatherless.After attending HDG Payarchi, my health is much better.
Then a miracle happened in my family, my 2 yo daughter had a fall on eve of Deepavali,2007,and since then her external skull tissue became soft on a 2 inch diameter on the head.My wife whom is a nurse became very scared , we took her to KlangGH (A&E)on the 14th Nov and was told it is normal and the tissue will become fine after doing the x-rays. On the 16th Nov , we took our kid to a private GP , he recomended us to seek consultation from a private medical centre for a speacialist neuro-surgeon.We are middle income earners and seeking such consultation will cost a bomb and we were devastated and sadden!On 18th Nov , I and my daughter did a prayer to HDG.My daughter just bow down to HDG's picture and lighted an incense(uthupathi).My heart just begged HDG to cure my kid, I told him (HDG), I 'll leave all my grievances , sadness and my kid's fate to Him (Dato Sri Guruji).20th Nov , my wife after feeling my kids head in the morning , it was back to normal!!The tissue became normal.After praying to HDG in 48 hours my kid was cured.
Now every wake of the morning and night before sleep , me and my family will and need to say the Guru namamam without fail.
Thank my Guruji HDG.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanan & Lata...wonderful blog dedicated to HIS DIVINE GRACE, im mesmarized.thumbs up folks!!I took this course 8 years ago...and from then, I must say there is no turning back. HDG indeed changed my entire life, gave me hope, confidence, spirit and courage to lead my life the way i wanted...Let us all spread HDG's naaman all over the world.

wish u luck