Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A True Life Account

He was unsuccessful in getting a job for several years. Tight monetary situation caused him to be heavily in debt. Desperation and disappointment led to his decision to commit suicide by jumping off his flat. High emotions greyed the fact that he will be leaving behind a wife and kid.

Just as he was about to jump, his phone buzzes. It was a stranger he met some days ago. She had shared with him about the benefits of meditation. Feeling highly emotional, he confessed to her about his plan to end his life. She successfully talks him into changing his mind. In due course, he decides to try meditation for a change.

He has since attended the Rajayoga Power Transcendental Meditation seminar, and has been practicing meditation for a few months now. When we met him, he was very hopeful and optimistic; it was clear his faith has been restored. He shared how his life circumstances has changed for the better, along with his attitude. With the help of the meditation techniques, he has since gotten himself the very job he was unsuccessful in getting in the past.

This is a simple but powerful example of how our life is highly dependent on our state of mind. Meditation promotes healing. It brings about emotional stability and harmony to the mind, enabling one to better cope with life situations. Eventually, it brings about a change in one’s inner attitude towards life. The butterfly emerges…

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Dr. K. A. Sagathevan said...

that is a very good testimony. We are very lucky to be able to sit quietly and go within and enjoy our very existence. Being Present is the most healing and wonderful experience and yet it is sometimes so difficult to just sit down and get down to it. So many distraction.... so many important things to do first...or are they really important as they appear to be?. The very act of setting aside what appears to be important and doing the really important thing is what life is all about. thanks to our Master we have a way to do that.

Dr. K. A. Sagathevan said...

Nice testimony. Very inspiring.